Frequently Asked Questions

Would you ever consider unprotected sex?

No way

Are you real?


Is it really you in the photographs?

100% yes

How can I make you smile? Be friendly and positive

What languages do you speak?

English Will you send me photos of Your face?


Do you travel internationally?

Yes and I’m passport ready

Do you offer overnights?


Do you provide a GFE?


Can I shower at your place?

I have to take a shower as hygiene is very important for me

Is it you on pictures?

Yes! I appreciate your time and your wish to meet the lady, you liked on photos, so I only use my real ones with minimum photoshop.

Could you send me a selfie? Can I see your face?

Due to my safety reason I am relied upon to keep my face a pretty little secret however, I can share some pictures displaying my face

Can you wear the same lingerie/dress/shoes as on pics?

When I’m travelling I don’t take ALL my huge wardrobe with me but I always have something nice that could suit your taste.

Can we meet on a date to see if we’re compatible?

Absolutly! Coffe, a drink, eating out - my usual appreciation will apply. If you want affection for free I’d suggest you any dating website where you can get to meet absolutly free. Good luck with that ;-)

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